Software part of the Lesnoy Dozor system is an intellectual core of the system, it`s unique component, that provides environment for forest monitoring, fires detection and calculating fire coordinates.

Functions of software platform “Lesnoy Dozor”:

1.  remote sensor network control (optical, thermal cameras and imagers);
2.  automatic patrol supervised territory by preprogrammed monitoring routes;
3.  storage and analysis of recorded media data;
4.  automatic detection of smoke and flame, plotting fire coordinates;
5.  user management, co-working team organization, employee work control:

  • registration of working time and activity;
  • internal chat to coordinate activities;
  • different rights for different types of users;
  • saving information about detected fires;

6.  additional functionality:

  • automatic software update;
  • automatic application exit if idle time is expired.

 Computer vision subsystem

Subsystem provides intellectual processing and camera control, what allows to automatically detect potentially dangerous objects. Subsystem`s infrastructure is located on “cloud” and uses technologies of distributed processing, which is required to increase reliability in general and algorithms performance in particular. Since the subsystem is combined with GIS subsystem, the customer is able to get absolute geographical coordinates of objects.

Media data storage

Easy and handy access to media data storage:

  • Video clips are making continuous panorama, providing easy navigation by direction or time of recording. 
  • Ability to playback recorded routes cyclically.
  • Ability to manually mark fire source right on the image. 


Representing information on interactive map

  • about current camera position
  • about camera position during recording particular monitoring route point
  • about camera position during  fire detection moment 
  • interactive work with objects on the map such as fires, potential dangerous objects, fire watch towers, landmarks.
  • smoke detection comes with coordinates calculation and marker appearance on the map.


Window of automatically detected potencially dangerous object verification

System automatically alarms user about new fires visually and with an acoustic signal. 

Markup of unwanted territories

Draw polygons on the image to reduce false alarms on roads, clouds, chimneys and any other objects that may cause unwanted detection.


Ability to implement custom map, provided by customer.


Function of measuring distance

Measure distance between different objects on the map. Get magnetic/geographical azimuth.

Real time mode camera control

Ability to capture control when smoke is detected allows to get coordinates with better precision.

Network speed test

Ability to diagnose quality of internet connection on operator`s working computer without leaving application environment. 


GPS-data integration

Ability to visualize in real time location of fire trucks or other vehicles, equipped with GPS trackers. 


Satellite data integration

Satellite thermal points visualization on the interactive map.

Programming of working hours of cameras and other sensors 


Intellectual image processing

Image processing on client`s side instead of camera`s allows to make internet channels smaller and as a result saves customers` money. 

Integrated image stabilizer makes work with wobbling and shaking in the wind cameras comfortable for an eye.

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